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Links which may be of interest to artists and sculptors

http://www.nationalsculpture.org/index.asp - National Sculpture Society

http://www.Sculptor.Org/- Sculpture resource

http://www.sculpture.org/ -International Sculpture Center, Good resource, Good mag.


http://aboutstone.org/stonehoo/ -stone-related resources

http://www.stonesculptorssupplies.com/ -Stone Sculptors' Supplies

http://store.yahoo.com/diamondbursnet/ -Diamond burrs

http://www.granquartz.com/home.htm -Stone sculpting supplies

http://www.artcitystudios.com/ -Stone and stone working tools

http://groups.msn.com/stonemancarvers2 - Stone carvers email list. Talk to carvers from all over the world.

http://www.marbleinst.org -The Marble Instute of Colorado. They run three marble carving symposiums each summer


http://www.riogrande.com/ -tools & supplies for jewelry & small sculpture

http://www.closeoutsupply.com -Jewelry and hobby tools

http://www.artstuf.com/ -Douglas & Sturgess, sculpture tools, materials and supplies

http://www.northerntools.com/ -All kinds of tools

http://www.widgetsupply.com -Small tools

http://www.sculpturehouse.com/ -Sculpting tools & supplies

http://www.sciplus.com/ -Really fun online surplus store

http://glasseyes.com/index.asp -Realistic glass eyes of all sizes

http://www.micromark.com/ -Miniature and hard to find tools. These guys have the coolest tools.

http://www.perfect-touch.com/ -Modeling tools for small sculpting


http://www.chavant.com/index_main.shtml -Some of the best modeling clay


http://www.plastermaster.com/usg/index.htm - Plaster use for art


http://www.fineart.sk/ -Human Anatomy Pictures for Artist

http://www.wetcanvas.com/ArtSchool/Drawing/Anatomy/ -Basic Anatomy for The Artist

http://www.portrait-artist.org/ Online drawing tutorials


http://www.geocities.com/flyingconcrete/ -Sculptural architecture using concrete

http://www.makersgallery.com/concrete/handbook.html -Concrete sculpting book

http://www.polygem.com/zoopoxy.html - Zoopoxy sculpting material. Good for outdoor use


http://www.artfoundryusa.com/ -Casting and sculpture info

http://www.moderncasting.com/ -Foundry resource

http://www.jfmccaughin.com/ -Investment casting supplies

http://www.westcast.com/ Casting supplies


http://www.smoothon.com/ - moldmaking supplies

http://www.polytek.com/ - Moldmaking and resin casting supplies


http://www.computersculpture.com/Computer_resources.html -Computer tools for sculpture

http://www.dirdim.com -3D scanning and rapid prototyping. Enlargement or reduction of sculpture

http://www.rmi-online.com/ -Reasearch Mannikins. Life size taxidermy mannikins. Good for armatures.


http://www.polymerclaycentral.com -The title says it all

http://www.prairiecraft.com/ - Polymer clay resource

http://www.glassattic.com/ -Searchable data base of polymer clay help

http://www.puffinalia.com/ -Polymer caly and mold making supplies

The below links are newsgroups.
If your browser doesn't support these links use your email client or a news reader.

rec.crafts.carving -Newsgroup for carvers. Mostly wood carvers

alt.sculpture -Newsgroup for sculptors.

rec.crafts.polymer-clay -Newsgroup for polyclay artists

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