The images on this page are some examples of sculpture done with polymer clay. I use several brands of polyclay in my pieces. I mix different clays to get the consistency needed for a particular piece. Images elsewhere on this site which were done with polyclay are;
The Winemaker bronze edition - original done in super sculpey.
Smokey and Friends collectible - original done in super sculpey
Expectation, maguette - super sculpey
Bighorn ram - super sculpey

Also, all the pieces pictured on my companion site Http:// were originally done in polyclay then cast in resin.



These pieces are small maquettes for an aerospace monument. They are about 2 inches high.



Ceramic mug. Original, polyclay over wooden plug

Polymer clay original later produced in lead crystal


Most of the sculpting for this piece was done in polyclay


Polymer clay original for porcelain collectible.

Cast resin collectibles made from polyclay originals


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